Rhino Coffee

Rhino Coffee, @Rhino_Coffee

Rhino Coffee was established after seeing a need for an independent locally owned coffee house in Shreveport. Rhino Coffee prides itself on a custom made cup, a traditional coffee menu, healthy homemade food, and a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Many customers ask, “Why the rhino?” While the owner was backpacking through Nepal, he came across many rhinos. The magnificent rhino is often valued for its horn, some cultures believing powdered rhino horn will cure anything from fever to food poisoning. Interestingly enough, coffee growing and drinking began in the Horn of Africa. I guess you could say the rhino and its horn further inspired the dream of opening a coffee house in Shreveport. It is our intent that a cup of coffee from Rhino will help your day go better! In Ethiopia early coffee houses offered a place in which business and social life could be conducted in comfortable surroundings, chess was played, gossip exchanged, and music enjoyed. We hope to offer you a place where you can work, relax, and connect with your friends, from the Horn of Africa to the horn of the Rhino in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The People of Rhino Coffee

Pat Bolling grew up in a small town an hour east of here, Homer, Louisiana, a small (originally an oil field) town. Homer and the surrounding communities are filled with hardworking people who live for the fresh vegetables of spring and summer. His food is unpretentious food that fills the bellies and the souls of southern folks.

Pat grew up in the kitchens of his mother (who worked everyday but still cooked a full meal each evening) and two grandmothers, my dad’s mother "Mammaw" and my mother’s "Mom" who is still cooking today. While my grandmothers’ cooking were somewhat different technically, they were very much the same. Honest, from scratch food! They never looked at what they did in the kitchen as anything special but looking back, I see classic cooking technique in almost every step they took. What a classroom!

 Pat will not refer to himself as a “Chef.” He prefers “Cook” and hopes to replicate, if only in essence, the same honest “from scratch” cooking that he saw in their kitchens, but with a modern twist or two. "My recipes are an amalgamation of similar recipes and of memories from those kitchens of my childhood. Most of their everyday cooking was done from memory, no recipes. Mammaw’s only measuring cup was for detergent beside the washer, yet she would produce the most beautiful loaves of bread and rolls each Saturday for lunch with all of her family, a  spread most would reserve for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Mom prepared full meals every weekday for all of her family, 6 or 8 of us complete with dessert."

 Pat joined the Rhino Coffee team half way through the first year and her fills the air with the pleasant aroma of all his tasty dishes!

Laura Crawford is affectionately known as Rhino Mom, the mother of Andrew Crawford, owner of Rhino Coffee. From the time Andrew was small he was always “serving” people, either at a lemonade stand, at First Methodist Church, or at Young Life.  Now he loves serving people the home-cooked food, baked goods, and the best coffee in the area! He also serves them through his web-site building at Crawford Design!   What was the Premier Dress Shop of the South, “Sue Peytons” Bridal and dress shop, has been transformed into the premier Coffee House!  Laura has four boys who are all very different. Edward and Robert work in investments in Miami and Shreveport, respectively, and John-Henry is a world-class cellist who is making his solo debut on the International concert series at the Louvre in Paris in November.  She is happy to have two precious daughters-in-law, Mary and Shani, and 2 ½ grandchildren!  In addition to the boys, her household sported for many years: a dog, parakeets, geckos, albino corn snakes, a pacman frog, monitor lizards, veiled chameleons, skinks, and several baby alligators who occasionally escaped form their habitats, making unexpected and unappreciated visits around the house! She thinks she earned the award of Most Patient Mom for all this grief! 

Laura is on the faculty at Centenary College and is Director of the Centenary Suzuki School where there are eight teachers and 150 children ages 3-18. She plays violin professionally in the Baroque Artists of Shreveport and the Shreveport Symphony.  She has loved cooking for her husband, a houseload of boys,  and their friends! Her buttermilk biscuit recipe came from her eight grade home economics class in Memphis, TN! 

Whittney Turner grew up in Monroe before moving to Shreveport. She learned how to cook from her mama and grandmamma.  Whittney always has a smiling face at Rhino and is anxious to please her customers. When she is not ordering supplies, managing baristas, serving food or coffee, you can sometimes spy her dancing in the kitchen while she is cooking! J Whittney loves where she works!

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