Chef Michael Brady

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Chef Michael Brady believes in “paying it forward.” And because he was trained by some of the best culinary experts in the country, the people of East Texas are in for a real treat.

“Most of my career has been spent in restaurants and vineyards, and I’m excited to bring that experience to FRESH. We offer our customers the best prepared foods to bring home and serve with pride to their own family – without the overhead costs of a fancy restaurant.”

What makes Chef Brady unique is that his “only the best” philosophy extends to every type of food, not just the exotic or expensive. “I believe that if you’re going to make a cheeseburger, you should figure out how to make the best cheeseburger possible. I’m not one to only stick to fancy foods like foie gras and caviar.”

One of Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine’s 2010 “Chefs to Watch”

Chef Brady was a soccer star in high school in Shreveport, Louisiana, before he decided to change direction, turning down athletic scholarships for culinary school in South Carolina. Upon graduation, he was pegged to work with Chef Frank Lee at Charleston’s SNOB (Slightly North of Broad). He also spent time under the tutelage of Chefs Bob Wagner and Michelle Weaver at the Charleston Grill. While there, he attended a wedding on a vineyard in Armissan, France, and fell in love – with the vineyard. “I spent the better part of a year there earning my keep by cooking meals for tourists and visiting business people.”

This exposure in the wine business inspired him to return to Shreveport and jump on board with Wine Country Bottle Shop to develop and open the Bistro portion of the operation with his brother. While at Wine Country Bistro, Chef Brady was named one of Louisiana Cookin’ magazine’s “Chefs To Watch in 2010” – an honor that goes to five of the best young chefs in a state that is known for cooking. This honor allowed Chef Brady to “pay it forward” by hosting a black-tie fundraiser for Café Reconcile, a New Orleans restaurant/culinary school that takes at-risk kids off the street and teaches them the restaurant trade. “That was one of the best and most fulfilling experiences of my life,” said Chef Brady. “Seeing how that restaurant is giving back to the community really motivated me.”

An avid swimmer and biker, Chef Brady is married to a beautiful Cajun girl with two sons, another on the way, and his daughter, a black Labrador named Stella. 

Testimonial from Chef Brady

It was a great time!  It was cool to let our FRESH guests see that we are involved in some fun trendy things as well as the people that were there to shop.  They came across our shoot and were able to get some good "tid bits" on how to make a great classic a little more heart healthy.  It was a great experience and I love every minute of it!  Chef Jeff was a fun outgoing guy that I enjoyed hanging out with and cooking some good food!

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