Broussard’s first opened its doors in 1920, when an eminent local chef, Joseph Broussard, married Rosalie Borrello. The couple moved into the Borrello family mansion on Conti Street (built in 1834) where the restaurant now stands. Until they both passed in 1966, the Broussards occupied the apartment above the restaurant. The couple worked tirelessly to create and improve the five-star, family-run restaurant that still lives on. At his restaurant, Broussard combined the excitement of native Creole cuisine with characteristic French dishes inspired by his formal Parisian culinary training. The result was a vibrant menu set to the most exacting standards. Read More on their website! 

When in New Orleans visit Broussards at: 

819 Rue Conti        

New Orleans, LA 70112

Phone. 504.581.3866

Dinner: Monday - Sunday, 5:30pm - 10:00pm

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