What's in Season? Carrots!

If you are wanting to elevate your cooking skills, using what’s in season will transform your homemade meals into flavorful creations while saving you money at the same time.  Check here often and we’ll highlight fruits and vegetables at their peak.  Before you know it, you will be planning your meals around produce that is in great abundance, stretching your hard earned dollars.

This month, carrots the most versatile and nutritious vegetable is at its peak.  You may be thinking carrots are always in season.  At least it appears to be the case when shopping in the grocery store.  It’s true, carrots are available year-round thanks to cold storage and enough temperate climates around the country to keep up with demand.   This is why carrots are so commonly used for stews, soups, julienned into salads, baked into cakes and muffins, juicing or making a mirepoix (classic French combination of onions, carrots and celery).

You haven’t tasted a great carrot until you’ve tasted one harvested at this time of year.  In climates where temperature have bigger swings, the carrot’s natural harvest season is late summer and fall.  What makes them different than other times of the year?  They are sweeter, more flavorful, tender and very crunchy.  A wider variety of colors are available too.   Because of their sweet, aromatic flavor you can simply eat them raw.  Better yet, give them a quick steam or boil for 3-5 minutes intensifying their color while retaining their crunch.  Compliment them with a small pad of butter, a generous dash of a companion herb of tarragon, thyme or orange zest and you will make these jewels the star attraction of your next meal.

By Sylvia Avey

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