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All of us in the Flip My Food family are so excited you stopped by to visit!  It’s been quite a summer for the Flip My Food production crew as they have been traveling all over the country creating a television series and website focusing on mouth-watering recipes you are going to find useful every day.

Just who are the people behind the scenes at Flip My Food?  Chef Jeff and the entire crew are people like you looking for inspiration in all things food.  Each and every one of them are endlessly passionate about good food and finding ways to flip what we love so it is healthier and still enjoyable. 

Icing on the cake?  We have a talented production staff bringing their storytelling expertise to daytime television in a way which has been rarely seen in broadcasting.  You will find each episode so inspiring you’ll want to break out those pots and pans because Chef Jeff will show you how easy it is to be in control of your food destiny.

At the helm of Flip My Food world-class chef, Chef Jeff along with Executive Producer, Ted Eccles. They are dedicating their days to deliver you daily episodes which captures the regional flavors of all your favorites. Together, they have visited numerous cities and met many interesting folks “flipping” recipes.   You will more than likely recognize some of those people when you tune in.

Will you be able to recreate these dishes at home?  Of course!  All of the recipes you see in the episodes will also be found on this website.

Flip My Food premieres on September 8 on many TV stations around the country.  See here for a list of where you can tune in.  Not seeing your town on the tune in list?  We have you covered.  Every recipe will also have how-to videos on this site.   We’ll do everything we can to make your life better in the kitchen.

Speaking of making a Chef Jeff recipe at home, we really hope you do.  If you’re proud of your creation, take a picture and share it.  We are everywhere you are.

If there is a recipe you’d like Chef Jeff to flip, let us know.  The producers of the show want to make this your show.  Chef Jeff and his team will be in production throughout the year and updating the website daily.

As for this blog section, we are looking for contributors who celebrate food and healthier lives as much as we do.  Interested?  Contact us for further details.  

Till the next blog post, see y’all later!


Sylvia Avey

Flip My Food is produced by Quark Entertainment and Bellum Entertainment in partnership with Raycom Media. Bellum Entertainment is a production company based in Burbank CA and produces other syndicated programming such as Corrupt Crimes, What Went Down, and Fix It and Finish It.



Flip My Food - ingenious! Can't wait to watch, read and learn.
Love it all :)
I lost my will to watch cooking shiws after being diagnosed wi th Celiac in April of this year. It has almost been humiliating to not eat or cook wht I enjoy. I happened to flip through channels and heard the enrgy of Chef Chris' voice before seeing his face. I immediately beganpaying attention to the participants when I heard " New Orleans". I immediately fell in love wi th the food ingredients. Then, I remembered the celiac issue. So I am inquiring....are there any recipe segments withiut using gluten ingredients?
I watched my first episode today out if town and I am very impressed. I am a big fan of the Food network and the cooking channel so I was surprised I had not saw your show before. I immediately went to your postings just to see that you do not have a channel in Indianapolis indiana like you do in the other city listings. I really enjoyed your show and I look forward to your future shows. Great job!!!

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