Scott Doty's Innovative Kitchen Utensils For The Modern Chef

Scott Doty recently appeared on an episode of Flip My Food to showcase some of his innovative cookware. As an industrial designer, Scott is responsible for making sure that products look attractive and are easy and comfortable to use. He started his career as a staff designer for one of the biggest names in design, the Architect Michael Graves. While there Scott designed a number of kitchen and housewares items for Target Stores, Marshall Fields, Dansk, and Delta Faucets. He has been an independent design consultant since 2006. Recent designs include headphones, a line of cleaning brushes for Fresco Canada, an urban shopping cart, and a tea kettle for Dansk.

Scott's designs show respect for function, comfort and beauty in equal measure. His "curvy" peppermill for Fresco Canada is as easy to use as it is elegant. The "head" or handle of the mill is ergonomically correct for ease of use and the "neck" is the ideal size and shape to grip comfortably. The "soft touch" rubberized coating on the mill feels great in the hand. The high quality ceramic grinding mechanism is durable and adjustable.

His box grater design for Fresco Canada features a high quality etched grating surface with a variety of grating surfaces. The curved corners make it easier to clean. The "soft touch" handle is extremely comfortable and easy to grip. You can measure as you grate due to side measurements in cups and a removable non skid base.

You can find more of his work on the portfolio section of his website

You can purchase the box grater by clicking here

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