Our Top 11 Tailgating Tips For The Football Chefs

Throwing a tailgate party for your pals?  Want to make sure you don’t want to fumble?  The blogosphere brigade is here to the rescue!  Here’s our editor’s top 11 picks to help you have a stress-free, successful party:

1. Be a party planner 


Image Credit:  AmericanTailgaterAssociation.org


2. A classy way to ask for help? Make it a potluck

Image Credit: ellie.com


3. Create a Checklist 

Image Credit: SnackPicks.com


4. Get In The Spirit! 


Image Credit: YourCozyHome.blogspot.com


5. Contain the supplies 

Image Credit: sewastraightline.com


6. Do most of the prep at home 


Image Credit:  Martieknows.squarespace.com


7. Master the art of packing the cooler 


Image Credit:  Urbansitter.com


8. Speaking of packing the ice chest, freeze the water bottles to save room 

Image Credit:  50campfires.com


9. Arrive Early 

Image Credit:  One Stop Rental Ohio Blog


10. Bring a unique marker so your friends can find you in the sea of cars and tents

Image Credit: BuzzFeed.com


11. If you're grilling, plan ahead for how you'll cool the coals so you can get to the game

Image Credit: Popularmechanics.com


by Sylvia Avey

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