Food Destination Friday: France

Bonjour! Take a culinary tour of one of the most premier food capitals of the world.  From croissants to salmon to macarons, let your taste buds explore all that France has to offer. France, a country that is world-renowned for rich tastes and subtle nuances, owes its culinary success to independently minded citizens and rich agriculture.


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The French are widely known for their café culture. There is no better way to start a Parisian morning than with a fresh cup of coffee (no, not from Starbucks) and a light fluffy pastry. Whether it is a croissant or a éclair, something sweet and delicious is always on the menu. A trip to the café is an experience in itself and a trip to France wouldn’t be complete with out it.


Source: Food Republic


France essentially invented the fine dining experience, often referred to as haute cuisine, and has established an entire culture surrounding food. Haute cuisine is generally characterized by several small courses served in an elaborate manner. Escargot, truffles, Lamprey a la Boredelaise, Foie Gras,  Fondue Savoyarde and Tartiflette are all unique and delicious examples of haute cuisine.


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In France, the wine is as important (if not more) than the meal itself. The sommelier is an integral part of how a French restaurant operates. Here is a simple guide to pairing your wine with your meal:


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