Food Destination Friday

Nowadays, you can travel the world with a simple Internet search. Feel like relaxing on the beaches of The Maldives? What about hiking the Incan trail at Machu Picchu? Or run with the bulls in Spain? You can virtually explore any exotic location with a simple click of a button. What if you could do the same with food? Well, that’s where Flip My Food’s Food Destination Friday comes in to play.

Grab your passport and pack your silverware, Flip My Food is taking you on a culinary journey around the world! Every Friday, we are going to showcase a different cuisine unique to a specific locale. Our goal is inspire you, the viewer, to try something you normally wouldn’t consider. From Thailand to Italy to Mexico, we are going to virtually satisfy your taste buds. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@FlipMyFood) and use #FlipMyCity for your own unique dishes!

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