Flip Your Thanksgiving: Healthier Options For Your Holiday Dinner

Thanksgiving is the time to celebrate family, friends, and the wonderful things in our lives that make us thankful. It can also be a heavy-duty on the caloric intake. Try to cut the calories, without compromising flavor, with these great “Flipped” Thanksgiving recipes. Click on the photos to access the complete recipes! 

Kale and Herb Quiche 

Chef Jeff's kale and herb quiche is a great option for a healthy twist on a traditional quiche!

Sweet Potato Soup 

Sweet potato is a great fall ingredient especially served warm in a soup. 

Roasted Chicken With Oyster Stuffing and Garlic Spinach 

White meat and stuffing is a staple for any Thanksgiving meal so try these healthier options of chicken made with oyster stuffing and garlic spinach. 

Garlic Green Beans

Jazz up your green beans this year with some garlic and shallots. 

Low Fat Cornbread Muffins 

Delicious bread is a must at any Thanksgiving meal so try these low fat cornbread muffins made from fresh corn!

Garden Veggie Saute

Fresh from the garden or your local store, this healthy blend of veggies is delicious and adds beautiful color to your dinner table. 

No Bake Pecan Pie

OK, this pie might not be the healthiest but it is Thanksgiving so we think everyone deserves to treat themselves a little bit! This pie is very simple to make and will certainly delight all of your holiday guests. 

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