Flip My Food Summer Road Trip, Visit Chef Jeff as he Tours the US!

Chef Jeff is hittin' the road and we want you to let us know where to go! Please share where you think we should go! Whether it's a restaurant, historic landmark or a local hotspot, we want to hear from you!

Flip My Food Schedule 

Biloxi Mississippi: August 11th - August 14th

New Orleans Louisiana: August 21st - August 24th 

Myrtle Beach South Carolina: September 14th - September 17th 

Charleston South Carolina: September 18th - September 21st 

Memphis Tennessee: October 13th - October 16th 

Birmingham Alabama: October 17th - October 21st



Chef Jeff, You know you cannot miss Seattle and it's multi-ethnic mix of populace and food flavors, not to mention 2nd only to Alaska in salmon! Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and filipino, not to mention all the American dishes you can find up here (including our famous Ivar's Clam Chowder!)
Chef Jeff , Have you been to Mr. D's at the Country Sore in Lorman, Mississippi? If not you have missed the best blackberry cobbler I have ever tasted ,not to mention his fried chicken. If you go there once you will definitely return.

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