Chef Darin’s Tips for Shucking the Perfect Oyster

Chef Darin’s from the Bourbon House in New Orleans shares his tips for shucking the perfect oyster! 

1. Pick the perfect oyster

a. heavy in your hand

b. tightly shut shells

c. deeper the shell the meatier the oyster 

2. Scrub oysters with a hard brush and rinse well 

3. Protect your hand by using a folded kitchen towel to hold the oyster

4. Place oyster flat side up and rounded edge away from you

5. Use a oyster knife with thick handle and wide, dull blade

6. Open oyster at the hinge

7. Keep knife blade flat and parallel to edge of shell and run blade around oyster 

8. Sharply twist blade to pry the top shell from the bottom shell 

a. Be careful while prying, you don’t want to spill the oyster liquor

9. Use knife to detach oyster from mussel along the inside surface of the top shell 

10. Run your fingers around the edge of the oyster to remove broken fragments 

11. You may flip the oyster over for a prettier presentation

12. Top with freshly squeezed lemon, horseradish and cocktail sauce (optional)

13. Slup immediately and enjoy

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