On This Week

Beaver Bar

Chef Jeff heads to the Beaver Bar in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He has you covered for breakfast lunch or dinner featuring a loaded breakfast casserole, crispy fried fish and creamy chicken pasta. 

Speedway Harley

Chef Jeff hits the open road with a ride to Speedway Harley in North Carolina. He’s taking great tasting comfort food to the next level with Gluten Free Hush Puppies, Pepper Jelly Shrimp, a BBQ Brisket Grilled Cheese and his Pesto Steak Sandwich.

Cabinet Show

Chef Jeff tours a cabinet factory to check out some cool new kitchen designs and share some mouthwatering recipes. He reveals the inside tip to making the juiciest Pork Chops ever as well as Spring Rolls that are simple to make and delicious to eat.

Sal And Judy's

Chef Jeff gets a taste of the old country at Sal and Judy’s restaurant in New Orleans, Louisiana where pasta is the star.  He’s learning from the best when Sal fries up a tasty veal parmesan and a cooks a family-size plate of seafood spaghetti.

Boiling Seafood

Chef Jeff is headed to a Savannah sensation for a seafood lovers dream come true. The place is called Boiling Seafood and the recipes include bold flavors like Double Battered Crispy Prawns, Flash Fried Flounder, and Garlic Butter Boiled Shrimp.

St. Roch Market

Chef Jeff grabs a bite at New Orleans historic St Roch Market. After touring the market he invites a few guests to join him in the food truck. Together they showcase their amazing recipes including fried oyster chowder, Mexican eggs and fluffy homemade banana bread. 


Chef Jeff teams up with legendary New Orleans chef Frank Brigsten. Together they cook a meal to remember. It starts with smoked crab fingers and a seared tuna steak and ends with a bread pudding that will knock your socks off. 

Great Grilling

Chef Jeff puts an outdoor kitchen to the test and grills up some amazing food. Beef tenderloin, zesty grilled chicken and hardy vegetables are all on the menu. These recipes will be favorites at your next outdoor BBQ. 


Chef Jeff travels to Shreveport and visits the historic Fairfield Place. This wonderful bed and breakfast is the home to a creative chef who serves up Grits and Grillards and a wonderful selection of Monjuni’s Italian Sauces.


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