On This Week

El Potrillo

Chef Jeff pays a visit to a restaurant featuring specialties from South of the Border. Get set for a fiesta of flavors on Flip My Food as he serves up a Classic Mexican Molacajete Platter, a Crystal Infused Carnitas Plate, and Fajitas Texas Style!


Chef Jeff makes a healthy version of Fajitas with Fresh Shrimp cooked in infused Olive Oil. And to make you even hungrier wait til you see his Smothered Baked Chicken with Roasted Corn and his Apple Cobbler dessert! 

Incredible Eggs

Chef Jeff hatches a plan to take egg recipes to the next level. He’s creating a healthy Spinach Scramble, a gourmet Duck Egg Hash and a Hearty Breakfast Sandwich that will get your morning started right. 

Vanilla Show

Chef Jeff gets a little sweet and a little savory today because is all about vanilla.  He’s flipping things up on the food truck with grilled vanilla-citrus chicken, creamy bread pudding, and two sweet breakfast treats.


Chef Jeff teams up with the New Orleans Saintsations cheerleaders to cook up some amazing dishes that will have you cheering for more. They spice things up with blazing hot buffalo wings and crispy shrimp fried rice and end with a hardy linguine Bolognese.

Big Green Egg

Chef Jeff gets a little help from some Shreveport firemen as he sets up an out door BBQ. Get his recipes for Beer Can Chicken on the grill, an amazing Pulled Pork Slider Sandwich, and a BBQ’d Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin.

Collector's Cafe

Chef Jeff mixes art with flavor at Collector’s Café restaurant and gallery. With the help of three-guest chef’s a dinner is created that looks almost to good to eat. The menu includes grilled curry lamb, garlic truffle fillet migon and a decadent flourless chocolate cake. 


Chef Jeff finds the healthy alternative to refined sugar on a Sugar Cane Plantation. It’s Cane Syrup and it’s the secret ingredient to a perfectly Brined Pork Chop and a mouthwatering Pecan pie. Don’t miss these recipes!

Mr. Fish

Chef Jeff goes fishing for some great recipes at Mr. Fish seafood restaurant in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. He’s reeling in some tuna tar tar and a mouth watering maritime sandwich along with one amazing coconut pie. It doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Global Wildlife

Chef Jeff goes on Safari at a Wildlife Park you’ll have to see to believe. In addition to making exotic new friends he puts the flip on a Cobb Salad and he makes an Asian inspired Shrimp Cocktail that you’ll want to try at home.


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